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The Three Best Arguments against Liberal Capitalism

Thursday, November 12th, 2015

Stephen Hicks gave a lecture at the Atlas Summit this past summer in New Hampshire on “The Three Best Arguments against Liberal Capitalism.”. See the video of the 50-minute lecture here:

More information about the Atlas Society and the Atlas Summit can be found here.

Professor Stephen Hicks on Objectivism, Public Policy, and Entrepreneurship

Friday, December 21st, 2012

At the 2012 Atlas Summit, Professor Stephen Hicks (CEE’s Executive Director) presented an Objectivist perspective on entrepreneurship and public policy.

The lecture’s themes include:
* Our schizophrenic public policy culture: health, sex, religion, money
* What wealth is: tangible, intangible, and institutional assets
* Entrepreneurism as a cultural asset
* Objectivism’s entrepreneurial ethic
* Principled strategy in a mixed economy
* Three challenges: abstractness, easy disagreement, being principled among the unprincipled
* Immigration policy
* Education policy
* Entrepreneurism and meeting the three challenges

Watch Dr. Hicks’s full lecture below:

Via The Atlas Society

Professor Hicks speaks at three recent conferences

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Dr. Stephen Hicks was invited to speak at three conferences over the past few months. In September, he was a special guest speaker at the Fiserv Connect Forum in Orlando, Florida, where he discussed “Innovation, Ethics, and ‘Creative Destruction.’” In July, he delivered two lectures on “Capitalism and Art in Contemporary America” at The Atlas Society’s summer seminar in Portland, Oregon. And in June he gave a talk on “The Role of Outside Donors in the College Curriculum,” at the International Association for Business and Society’s 2008 conference in Tampere, Finland.