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Unleash Your Inner Company — John Chisholm talk

Friday, January 31st, 2014

In this 20-minute “Unleash Your Inner Company” talk, entrepreneur John Chisholm (San Francisco) discusses:
* the values that motivate entrepreneurs; chisholm-john-headshot
* the mutually-reinforcing traits of passion and perseverance;
* finding unique customers needs;
* fitting those needs to one’s own uniqueness, strengths, and weakness;
* how entrepreneurs are leaders;
* his own entrepreneurial experiences;
* similarities and differences between major companies such as Apple, H-P, and IBM;
* and the ethics of entrepreneurship in contrast to predation and altruism.
Here also is the STAARRS doc [Word] that Chisholm uses as a self-assessment worksheet.

Chisholm’s talk is part of our Entrepreneurship and Values series. Other lecturers in the series include Alexei Marcoux, William Kline, Terry Noel, Robert Salvino, and me.

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Interview with entrepreneur John Chisholm

Monday, October 7th, 2013

Silicon Valley entrepreneur John Chisholm visited Rockford University recently, during which Stephen Hicks interviewed him about the themes from his “Unleash Your Inner Company” talk. Topics:

* What values motivate entrepreneurs — freedom, security, opportunities unique to each of us.
* Flow — how passion and perseverance can and should work together.
* Personal psychology and making positive thinking habitual.
* Entrepreneurs as leaders and what to look for when hiring the key members of your team.
* The right and wrong times to seek funding.
* The ethics of entrepreneurship’s positive value creation.

Here is their 18-minute discussion:

In his talk and workshop, Chisholm used this worksheet with the participants: “STAARRS. Skills, Technologies, Assets, Accomplishments, Relationships, Reputation, Strengths” [Word] and [PDF]. This 2010 interview with Chisholm for Kaizen may also be of interest.

John Chisholm to visit Rockford University

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

John Chisholm is a serial entrepreneur based in San Francisco. He graduated from MIT and Harvard and then worked for Hewlett-Packard before starting his own companies, Decisive Technology and CustomerSat. We published our Kaizen interview with him in 2010.chisholm-john Here is his “Release Your Inner Company” TedX talk from 2011, in which he shares lessons of success (and failure) from his entrepreneurial ventures.

At Rockford, he’ll be conducting a workshop for students. In preparation for the workshop, please read the first six pages each of “Passion & Perseverance” (Chapter 1) and “Don’t Ask for the Moon; You have your STAARRS. Skills, Technologies, Assets, Accomplishments, Relationships, Reputation, Strengths”.

Bring with you to the session your own completed STAARRS sheet. Sample and blank STAARRS sheets here in Word and PDF.

The prep materials for the workshop are also at Professor Hicks’s Courses page.