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Interview with entrepreneur Enrique Duhau

Monday, November 11th, 2013

Entrepreneurial Agriculture

k27-coverEnrique Duhau is President of Administración E. Duhau S.A., one of the largest producers of grains and beef in Argentina. Educated in Buenos Aires, London, and New York, he was also co-founder of Apple Argentina and Maxim Software, which produced software for Apple products to be sold internationally. In 1990, he co-founded Junior Achievement Argentina, to teach young kids entrepreneurial abilities and philosophy.

Education and early career

Kaizen: Argentina is noted for its agriculture, and your company is a big part of that. Your story starts here in Buenos Aires?

Duhau: Yes, I was born here. My mother was born in England, but her parents were born in Argentina. And I have a long list of entrepreneurs on both sides.

Kaizen: Is entrepreneurship in your genes or is it family culture?

Duhau: Argentina was very, very entrepreneurial a century ago when my ancestors came here and it still maintains the culture. London Business School, where I studied, does an annual survey of many countries. Argentina is not at the top, but it is quite high on the list.

Kaizen: Is this in terms of young people’s entrepreneurial aspirations?

Duhau: Not just aspirations—doing lots of new business. Part of it is because people for some reason are catapulted into entrepreneurship.

Kaizen: Entrepreneurship by necessity.

Duhau: Yes. But I think it is a mixture. Some people by necessity become entrepreneurial, but for others it is not a necessity, it is a vocation. I think it is part of the country and culture.

Kaizen: What was your schooling like?

Duhau: I went to an English-Spanish bilingual school here in Buenos Aires through elementary school and high school. Then I went to university here in Argentina. There were two types of universities then: government and private. Most of my friends went to the private universities, but I decided to go to the state university. I had always been very interested in getting into contact with everyone across society.

Kaizen: A wider mix of people?

Duhau: Yes. It was very, very interesting.

Kaizen: When you were young, did you plan to go into business?

Duhau: Since I can recall, I’ve always dreamed about business and I discussed with my father different types of business and how I could make money.