Our Mission

The Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship at Rockford University was launched in January of 2007. Our mission is to achieve excellence in teaching and research in Business Ethics, Entrepreneurship, Political Economy, and related fields.

The Center’s faculty members develop and teach interdisciplinary and innovative courses. Core offerings in entrepreneurship and business ethics include courses on Capitalism in the Modern World, Business and Economics Ethics, Entrepreneurship, and Entrepreneurship and Ethics. The Center also awards grants for course developments in related fields, including American Economic History, Political Philosophy of the American Revolutionary Era, and Sports Ethics. More information about these courses can be found in the Courses section.

Each semester the Center brings renowned guest speakers to campus. Past speakers have included Dr. Eric Mack on Harvard political philosopher Robert Nozick’s theory of entitlement; Dr. David Schweickart on Marx’s critique of capitalism; Dr. David Kelley on Ayn Rand’s moral defense of capitalism; Dr. Robert Bradley on how philosophy—not only business economics and political economy—is key to understanding the rise and fall of Enron, Dr. Alexei Marcoux on Nobel-Prize-winning economist Friedrich Hayek; and Dr. Terry Noel on virtue and entrepreneurship. For more information, please visit the Center’s Speaker Archive.

The Center’s newsletter, Kaizen, is published every semester and features in-depth interviews with successful entrepreneurs from all areas of life. Past interviews have included a painter, an architect, an international product developer, and a sports entrepreneur.

The Center’s web log is dedicated to news in entrepreneurship, business ethics, technological innovation, and political economy. The website also features multimedia, including a promotional video and short clips of individual faculty members giving overviews of their courses.

Learn about the Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship Program here.

See our Accomplishments as of December 2012.

For more information about CEE, please feel welcome to contact Executive Director Dr. Stephen Hicks, at the Center’s email address: CEE [at] Rockford [dot] edu.

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