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Entrepreneurial Education conference at Rockford University, March 14

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

[JPEG] E Conference Poster
The Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship will be hosting a conference at Rockford University, March 14, 2016, on Entrepreneurial Education.

Invited speakers include: Stephen Hicks (Illinois), Bernardita Jensen (Santiago, Chile), Michael Strong (Austin, Texas), Albert Loan (Guatemala), Magatte Wade (Dakar, Senegal), Jed Hopkins (Madison, Wisconsin), Piotr Kostylo (Poland), Khalil Habib (Providence, Rhode Island), and keynote speaker John Chisholm (San Francisco, California) on “An Entrepreneur’s Perspective on Entrepreneurial Education.”

Free Registration here. (Lunch and refreshments included.)


On the Entrepreneurial side of the phrase: We live in entrepreneurial times. From the work demand side, there is increasing proportion of employment within entrepreneurial firms and a slow upward trend in the number of startups. From the work-supply side, younger people of this generation express higher levels of aspiration to start their own businesses or to work within entrepreneurial firms. Increasing globalization and liberalization also mean that the entrepreneurial trends are not only regional or national.

On the Education side: How can we best help younger people become entrepreneurial—either to prepare them for creating their own businesses, or to be entrepreneurial within existing firms, or as freelancing artists, writers, and musicians? If the traditional model of education—students sitting in straight rows of desks and all doing the same work at the same time following the directions of an authority figure—does not prepare students for entrepreneurism, then what should we replace it with?

We also live in a time of dissatisfaction with the dominant forms of education, with many complaints about stagnant or declining outcomes, bureaucratization, demoralization and worse, especially in poorer neighborhoods.

And we live in times of disruptive education technologies—from simple email and online chat to pre-packaged podcasts and video series to robust online MOOCs and more.

apple-176x100Putting all of the above together, how do we answer this question: What should entrepreneurial education look like?

Free Registration here. (Lunch and refreshments included.)

Here is a PDF of the Conference Poster.

This conference is made possible in part by support from the John Templeton Foundation.


Photos from Stephen Hicks’ talk in Miami

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

Last week Professor Stephen Hicks gave a talk at Fundación para la Responsabilidad Intelectual’s first North American event in Miami.

FRI posted some nice photos from the conference at their Facebook page here.

Miami FRI talk photo


Video of Stephen Hicks’s talk in Buenos Aires

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

Stephen Hicks gave a talk in June as part of a conference sponsored by Fundación para la Responsabilidad Intelectual, Junior Achievement Argentina, and the John Templeton Foundation. He spoke (in English) on “Cómo las Revoluciones se Ganan o se Pierden,” or “How Revolutions are Won and Lost.”

Here is a video of that talk:

Sports Studies Symposium 2014 — Call for Abstracts

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

se-thumb-180Professors Shawn Klein and Michael Perry are organizing the Third Annual Rockford University Sports Studies Symposium, to be held in April 2014. The theme is “Defining Sport.”

Here is the full Call for Abstracts.

Professor Klein is also the Sports Ethicist — check out his podcast series at iTunes.

Dr. Stephen Hicks’s Recent Talk in Stockholm

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

Steve atlasLast week, Hicks participated in a colloquium on “Virtues and Entrepreneurship,” organized by Sweden’s Ratio Institute. His talk was an extension of the theme of his “What Business Ethics Can Learn from Entrepreneurship,” arguing that the success traits of entrepreneurship map onto an updated Aristotelian virtue set. The conference included keynote speeches by Deirdre McCloskey, author of The Bourgeois Virtues, and Saras Sarasvathy, author of Effectual Entrepreneurship.

Kaizen Weekly Review

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Kaizen Weekly Review highlights activities of The Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship and recent business ethics and entrepreneurship news.
Editor: Virginia Murr

The Last Mile May Be First Step for Inmate Entrepreneurs

At California’s San Quentin prison, inmates have the opportunity to participate in the Last Mile, an entrepreneurship course modeled on start-up incubators that take in batches of young companies and provide them with courses, informal advice, and seed investments. Start-up ideas from inmates include a cardiovascular health organization and an e-commerce site for artists in prison. Read the full article here.


The Open Letter that Stopped a Lucrative Marketing Campaign

On September 19, 2012, Thor Halvorssen, Founder of the Human Rights Foundation, published this open letter to Urban Outfitters in The Huffington Post about its Che Guevara marketing campaign and line of fashion merchandise. The letter is useful as a case study for Business Ethics courses in discussions of marketing using popular political figures, especially those with a record like Guevara’s. Urban Outfitters subsequently decided to drop its Che campaign and fashion line.


The Morality of Capitalism

Stephen Hicks gave a talk to the Bastiat Society in Panama on the debates over the morality of capitalism, contrasting the positions of Friedrich Hayek, Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman, and others. Here is the abstract from his lecture.

Note: The Bastiat Society is named for Frédéric Bastiat, the great nineteenth-century liberal public intellectual.


.A Quirky Interview

In a recent interview with Dan Schneider for Cosmoetica, Hicks covered such themes as the nature of values, art, religion, corporations, and the meaning of life. Other interviewees in the series include Daniel Dennett, Larry Sanger, and Steven Pinker.



Would More Regulations Curb NCAA Violations?

Shawn Klein is quoted in this article from Coach and Athletic Director magazine examining the use of more regulations to curb NCAA violations. In the article, Klein states: “I don’t know that stricter policies or punishment would be that much more effective, because part of the problem is that there are so many rules and a lot of them are opaque.” Read the full article.


CEE Guest Speaker Series

Marta Podemska-Mikluch, a visiting professor of Economics at Beloit College and recent Ph.D. graduate from George Mason University, was CEE’s guest speaker for February. She gave a talk to students and professors on “Succession, Elections, and Self-Governance,” focusing on the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth’s “nobles’ democracy” of the 16th century.



See you next week!

Previous Issues of Kaizen Weekly Review.

Dr. Stephen Hicks Gives Lecture in Brazil

Monday, January 14th, 2013

On January 7, Dr. Hicks gave a talk to over 40 young business executives at the Instituto de Estudo Empresariais (Institute for the Study of Entrepreneurship) in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Hicks’s lecture focused on “Entrepreneurs as Heroes.” His theme showed that the entrepreneurial commitment to value creation is of profound moral significance. According to Hicks, “Many moral codes emphasize not doing bad things, or praise most those who give away or even take from others. But an entrepreneur is neither a taker nor a giver nor a non-doer — but rather an active doer who creates value and trades with others. So we need an entrepreneurially-based moral code.”

After the lecture, attendees participated in a lively debate centered on Hicks’s lecture.

Professor Stephen Hicks on Objectivism, Public Policy, and Entrepreneurship

Friday, December 21st, 2012

At the 2012 Atlas Summit, Professor Stephen Hicks (CEE’s Executive Director) presented an Objectivist perspective on entrepreneurship and public policy.

The lecture’s themes include:
* Our schizophrenic public policy culture: health, sex, religion, money
* What wealth is: tangible, intangible, and institutional assets
* Entrepreneurism as a cultural asset
* Objectivism’s entrepreneurial ethic
* Principled strategy in a mixed economy
* Three challenges: abstractness, easy disagreement, being principled among the unprincipled
* Immigration policy
* Education policy
* Entrepreneurism and meeting the three challenges

Watch Dr. Hicks’s full lecture below:

Via The Atlas Society

November 2012 Issue of Kaizen

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Our latest issue of Kaizen features a bold new design and an interview with William and Wilson Ling, shareholders and board members of Petropar S.A., one of the major producers of aluminum beverage cans and plastic closures in Brazil, and the world’s second largest supplier of lightweight spunmelt nonwovens fabrics for disposable hygiene applications.

Also featured in Kaizen are: an interview with Professor Matt Flamm about our Ethics Minor; our trip to the Students for Liberty Chicago Regional Conference; our screening of Atlas Shrugged: Part II; and our new Philosophy and Film Study Groups.

A PDF version of Kaizen is available here. We will soon post separately the full interview with William and Wilson Ling.

If you would like to receive a complimentary issue of the print version of Kaizen, please email your name and postal address to CEE [at]

GEW 2012 Starts Today!

Monday, November 12th, 2012

Global Entrepreneurship Week starts today and runs through November 18. So far, Dropifi (an app that helps ecommerce businesses to connect more effectively with customers) won the award for most innovative startup, and hundreds of new business were created. Many more events are coming up this week in over 130 countries.

Read more about GEW’s kickoff and this week’s activities here.