CEE Review: Most successful black entrepreneurs | Top business ethics stories of 2018, and more

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21 most successful black entrepreneurs throughout history. Tech.co.

Top 10 business ethics stories of 2018Business Ethics Highlights.

The world’s most successful people don’t actually start work at 4 a.m. They wake and work whenever the (heck) they decide. Inc.

What Amazon really means for small businesses. AIER.

Review of Bartley Madden’s book on Free to Choose MedicineInternational Journal of Pluralism and Economics Education.

When politics corrupts business: Feds drilling to the core of Illinois power, politics. Illinois Policy Institute.

Which countries have the least corruption? The Spectator Index.

An issue of the Independent Review devoted to crony capitalism.

Video: Watch Glenn Beck’s interview with Stephen Hicks on YouTube.


Call for papers: The Mises Journal is accepting papers dealing with the various aspects and applications of the Austrian School, its associated disciplines, and schools of thought for its 2019 special issue on Entrepreneurship: Judge, Imagine, Create, guest edited by Professor Per Bylund. More information is available at their site.

Idea: “Rationalization attempts to excuse our lack of integrity.” — Fred Smith Sr.

See you next time with our digest of new and interesting items in entrepreneurship, ethics, and political economy. Here are the previous editions of CEE Review.

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