CEE Review: American manufacturing has doubled in three decades | Why men are leaving the labor force, and more

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Think nothing is made in America? Output has doubled in three decades. MarketWatch.

The mean founder age for the 1 in 1,000 fastest growing new ventures is 45. The National Bureau of Economic Research.

Stephen Hicks quoted on employee activism in major corporations. Conservative Daily News.


Why men are leaving the labor force. Mercatus Center.

Open office plans increase employee stress, reduce productivity. Second Nexus.

Inside Google, a year after Damore’s firing. USA Today.

Africa’s revolutionary new free trade area could lift millions out of poverty. FEE.

Volkswagen criticized for… controlling weather. Business Ethics Highlights.

Freedom in the 50 states: an interactive map.


EIGERlab at Northern Illinois University is hosting its 12th Annual FastPitch Competition on October 3rd. Visit their site for more information.

Idea: “In order to build anything great, you have to be an optimist, because by definition you are trying to do something that most people would consider impossible.” — Andy Grove, “High Output Management”

See you next time with our digest of new and interesting items in entrepreneurship, ethics, and political economy. Here are the previous editions of CEE Review.

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