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CEE Review: Entrepreneurship in Latin America | Global tariff comparison, and more

Monday, April 9th, 2018

News and Opinion

No one in the music industry knows what they’re doing. Music Business Worldwide.

The impact of occupational licensing requirements. Business Ethics Highlights.

Australia’s cricket scandal and its ethics lessons for business. Cuffelinks.

8 tips from Latin American startup investors. Related: our interviews with Latin American entrepreneurs Enrique Duhau, Guillermo Yeatts, Eduardo Marty, Bernardita Jensen, Surse Pierpoint, William and Wilson Ling, André Loiferman.

Michigan okays Nestlé water extraction despite 80k public comments against it. NPR.

Libertarianism and basic-income guarantee: friends or foes? Springer.

Optical data storage squeezes 360TB onto a quartz disc—forever. Gizmodo.

Video: Ripped grandfather explains why age is just a number.

Idea: “Being truthful when you know it will cost you is the true test of honesty.” — Dave Weinbaum

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