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CEE Review: Are Google and Facebook monopolies? | Race and the coffee industry, and more

Monday, February 5th, 2018

News and Opinion

Ayn Rand’s 7 virtues can make you a better leader (even if you hate her). Inc.

Move over ambulances, Uber’s coming. Foundation for Economic Education.

Questions of race in coffee with Phyllis Johnson of BD Imports. Also, see our interview with Phyllis Johnson at our website.

Are Google and Facebook monopolies? Chicago Booth Review.

Who owns tip money? New rules proposed by DOL. Economic Policy Institute.

Video: This is how Elon Musk will get us to Mars.

George Eastman: The greatest technology entrepreneur in U.S. history? Archbridge Institute.

These hi-tech knitting machines will soon be making car parts. Bloomberg.

Free markets and business don’t require greed. The Savvy Street.


New online business ethics encyclopedia: The Concise Encyclopedia of Business Ethics aims to provide readers with a useful, concise overview of the central concepts and debates in business ethics. The goal is not to be exhaustive, but to provide key definitions, main areas of controversy, and pointers for further reading. The Encyclopedia is edited by Chris MacDonald and Alexei Marcoux (editors of the Business Ethics Journal Review) and published by the Journal Review Foundation.)

Idea: “I would prefer even to fail with honor than win by cheating.” — Sophocles

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