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CEE Review: Research on valedictorian success| Fundamentals of workplace automation, and more

Monday, June 26th, 2017

News and Opinion

Break at least one rule every day: research on valedictorian success at Time. Related: Stephen Hicks on What Entrepreneurship Can Teach Us About Life.

Walt Disney: An American Original. Archbridge Institute.

 Burrito Business Ethics: Cultural Appropriation or Ordinary Competition? Business Ethics Highlights.

Lesson from the British Industrial Revolution: “costly investments in specialized human capital resources might be less important than incentives for creativity, flexibility, and the ability to make incremental adjustments that can transform existing technologies into inventions and innovations.”

Succession Planning in a Family Business. The Wall Street Journal.

​Suppose that 45% of current jobs become automated within 20 years: 4 fundamentals of workplace automation. McKinsey & Company.

The ethics of prices: Uber Starts Charging What It Thinks You’re Willing to Pay. Bloomberg.

WWE billionaire founder: What bankruptcy taught me about success. CNBC.

Helping birds and the bottom line. Comstock.

Teen Must Get $110 Business License to Cut Lawns for $20. Reason.


Apply to be considered for the 2018 Slayback Grant for Young Entrepreneurs. Applications are open to young people ages 16-22 who have a viable business model with a proof-of-concept and who want to work full-time on their businesses. More information on how to apply here.

Idea: “Even at the height of the recession, the employers I met on Dirty Jobs were all hiring. They still are. And they all told me the same thing – the biggest challenge of running a business was finding people who were willing to learn a new skill and work hard.” – Mike Rowe

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