CEE Review: World’s first 3D printed bridge | Why you should work a crappy job | How technology drives cultural change | and more

News and Opinion

Innovation: “World’s First 3D Printed Bridge Brings New Age Of Architecture”. True Activist.

Mean bosses and the effects of on-the-job stress. The New York Times. 3D-Printed-Steel-Bridge-Amsterdam-4

How we talk ourselves out of opportunities: Mitch Broderick at Praxis.

Isaac Morehouse on why you should work at a crappy job (for awhile).

Do optimists rule? Peter Thiel on the traits that shape the future. Inc.

Supply and demand, yes, but also the question of what should be supplied and what should be demanded: “Watch a $10,000 gold Apple Watch get destroyed.” Fortune.

Thailand and the smart phone: how technology drives cultural change. The New York Times. apple-watch

Innovation: “Never underestimate human beings.” More: “Every time it seems that homo sapiens have reached an impassable roadblock, we find a way around. Take for instance Canadian inventors Todd Reichert and Cameron Robertson. Together the duo pocketed a cool quarter of a million bucks for building a human-powered helicopter in the summer of 2013.” Yahoo.

Idea: “Our inventions mirror our secret wishes.” Lawrence Durrell.

See you next time with our digest of new and interesting items in entrepreneurship, ethics, and political economy. Here are the previous editions of CEE Review.

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