CEE Review: Firing honestly | Where jobs are created | Eminent domain | Mismatched socks, and more

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New technology developed in Australia helps nurses get the needle in your vein the first time.

Rockford entrepreneurs solve problem of lost and mismatched socks in the laundry. They’ve made it to the second round of ABC’s “Shark Tank.” Rockford Register-Star.socks-lonely

The perhaps not-so-surprising news about where job creation occurs: “over the last twenty five years, almost all of the private sector jobs have been created by businesses less than five years old.” Forbes.

Anna Prior on how aspiring entrepreneurs should use college. Whether the big-name matters, networking, student debt, seeking advisers, and more advice.

Judge says the city of Philadelphia can take an artist’s studio from him and turn it into a grocery store. HuffPo.

Honesty and public disclosure when a CEO is dismissed by a board: “You’re fired, and we really mean it.” The Wall Street Journal.


The second annual interdisciplinary symposium on Entrepreneurship in Higher Education will be on March 13, 2015, near Myrtle Beach, SC.

Blast from the past: Our Kaizen interview with Anil Singh-Molares on philosophy and entrepreneurship, global markets, his time at Microsoft, and Echomundi.

Idea:sophocles “Wonders are many in the world, and the wonder of all is man.
With his bit in the teeth of the storm and his faith in a fragile prow,
Far he sails, where the waves leap white-fanged, wroth at his plan.
And he has his will of the earth by the strength of his hand on the plough.”
(Sophocles, Antigone)

See you next time with our digest of new and interesting items in entrepreneurship, ethics, and political economy. Here are the previous editions of CEE Review.

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