Entrepreneurship in Latin America: 5 interviews

Here are five interviews with Latin American entrepreneurs we’ve published in Kaizen, covering the business areas of construction, agriculture, logistics, education, aluminum, and oil and gas.

map-latinamerica* Entrepreneurship and Infrastructure in Brazil: Interview with Brasília Guaíba president André Loiferman.

* Entrepreneurial Agriculture: Interview with Argentina’s Enrique Duhau.

* Entrepreneurial Logistics in Panama: Interview with Surse Pierpoint.

* Entrepreneurship in Argentina: Interview with Junior Achievement Argentina founder Eduardo Marty.

* Entrepreneurship in Brazil: Interview with Petropar S.A. board members William and Wilson Ling.

Forthcoming Fall 2014: Interview with Guillermo Yeatts on Entrepreneurship in Latin America.

More Kaizen interviews in entrepreneurship here.

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  1. Latin American entrepreneurship: five Kaizen interviews | Stephen Hicks, Ph.D. Says:

    […] the CEE site, a collection of five extended interviews (and one forthcoming) with leading entrepreneurs in Latin America covering the business areas of […]

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