CEE Review: Entrepreneurs are happiest, SEC insider trading?, Chemical regulation, and more

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Proof that entrepreneurs are the happiest people on Earth.

Should regulators mandate the substitution of potentially risky substances with safer substances? Susan Dudley on the substitution principle in chemical regulation.

Stephen Bainbridge asks: “Are SEC staffers inside trading in stocks of companies they sue?”

Business Insider profiles Luis Von Ahn, who “turned countless hours of mindless activity into something valuable”.

William Broad in The New York Times: “American science, long a source of national power and pride, is increasingly becoming a private enterprise”.

Start-up in San Francisco takes the hassle out shipping by picking up, packaging, labeling, and shipping for you.


The Ninth Annual BB&T Academic Programs Conference on the Moral Foundations of Capitalism will be held at Clemson University, SC, in May.

In conjunction with the release of the Swedish translation of Explaining Postmodernism, Stephen Hicks will be giving a talk in Stockholm to the Sture Academy on April 3. From an editorial review in Stockholm’s largest newspaper: “I would never let someone go to university without this book.”

See you next time with our digest of new and interesting items in entrepreneurship, ethics, and political economy.

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