CEE Review: Entrepreneurial employees, Robotic pills, Zealous tax collectors, and more

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Swimmers, mathematicians, and levels of excellence.

CEE Pills and Injections

Google and how to be an entrepreneurial employee at an entrepreneurial company.

‘Robotic’ Pills versus Injections: Entrepreneur Mir Imran’s goal to change how we treat diabetes.

In Illinois, zealous tax collectors motivate the closing of a teacher-supplies store.

Development, business, and tourism in South America’s great interior: Monte Reel’s journey, in The New York Times Magazine.


Przemysław Zientkowski (Nicholas Copernicus University, Poland) and Stephen Hicks (Rockford University, USA) have a co-authored article, “Friedrich Nietzsche’s Politics of Genius and Its Challenge for Liberal-Democratic Europe,” now out in the Polish journal, Ruch Filozoficzny.

Rudyard Kipling in 1935: “Do the things you really want to do if you possibly can. Don’t wait for circumstances to be exactly right. You’ll find that they never are.” (Source: Arthur Gordon, “Six Hours with Rudyard Kipling,” The Kipling Journal, June 1967.)

See you next time with our digest of new and interesting items in entrepreneurship, ethics, and political economy.

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