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CEE Review: CEO pay, Whether economists change their minds, Salesforce, and more

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

News and Opinion

Do economists ever change their minds? In Econ Journal Watch, Dan Klein reports on the “changes as may have occurred among the 71 individuals who, through 2012, won the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel.”

Business ethicist Chris MacDonald reflects on a Canadian study of CEO pay and justice.

DNA InnovationThink like an entrepreneur: Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur John Chisholm’s 20-minute “Unleash Your Inner Company” talk. Part of CEE’s Entrepreneurship and Values series.

The DNA of the World’s Most Innovative Companies: “Innovative business leaders typically share certain qualities. They are always asking questions, experimenting, observing and networking. While building on past successes, they keep the doors open to future innovation.”

Also this: “‘It’s fascinating when we interview these famous entrepreneurs to realise that they grew up in worlds where adults paid attention to these innovation skills.’ Most often these adults were parents and grandparents, but in about one-third of the cases they were master teachers at Montessori or Montessori-like schools” [italics added]. Read more.

Why did Forbes name Salesforce the most innovative company in the world for the third year in a row? Here is an interview with Salesforce’s Marc Benioff.


This year’s Society for Business Ethics Annual Meeting will be in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from August 1-3, 2014. The submission deadline is March 15.

On March 4, Stephen Hicks will give a talk on “Why Philosophy Matters to Representational Art” at The Representational Art Conference in Ventura, CA.

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Hicks and Zientkowski on Nietzsche’s politics of genius

Friday, February 21st, 2014

ruch-filo-polandPrzemysław Zientkowski (Nicholas Copernicus University, Poland) and Stephen Hicks (Rockford University, USA) have a co-authored article (in English) now out in the Polish journal, Ruch Filozoficzny.

The full title of the article is “Friedrich Nietzsche’s Politics of Genius and Its Challenge for Liberal-Democratic Europe.”

Zientkowski recently (2013) published a book on the critique of human rights in Friedrich Nietzsche’s philosophy and Hicks is the author of Nietzsche and the Nazis (2010) and “Egoism in Nietzsche and Rand” (2009).

CEE Review: Leadership, Corporations lobbying government, Casino layoff, Jobs and technology,and more

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

News in entrepreneurship, ethics, and political economy.

News and Opinion

Business ethicist Chris MacDonald notes that sometimes we approve when big corporations lobby the government, and sometimes we don’t. What principles should help us decide?

The Economist on technology and jobs — why one needs to be an entrepreneurial employee.

Controversy as a New York City Casino Lays Off 175 Employees Months After Union Negotiated Wage.

Deirdre Maloney has 11 Tough Truths About Leadership That No One Talks About. Well, probably some people talk about them.

In this 21-minute video lecture, Entrepreneurship and Virtue Ethics, Stephen Hicks connect the success traits of entrepreneurs such as initiative, guts, and win-win trade with moral virtues such as integrity, courage, justice. His thesis is that what is practical in business and what is moral are tightly integrated — in contrast to the often-stated separation thesis which holds that business success and moral goodness are categorically distinct. This video lecture is part of CEE’s “Entrepreneurship and Values” series of short lectures.


The Shanghai Austrian Economics Conference will be held July 18-20, 2014.

The 10th Bentley Global Business Ethics Symposium and Faculty Development Teaching Workshop will be held from May 19-23, 2014

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Kaizen 29: The Zol Cendes interview on entrepreneurial software development

Monday, February 17th, 2014

Entrepreneurial Software

k29 thumbOur latest issue of Kaizen [pdf] features our interview with Zol Cendes. We met in with Mr. Cendes in Naples, Florida, to discuss his experience founding Ansoft, a $900 million software company that revolutionized engineering modeling.

Ansoft’s software is used widely for improving the air and fluid dynamics for products such as Ferrari sports cars and the swim caps used by Michael Phelps in the Olympics, as well as many household products such as microwaves and printers.


Also featured in this issue of Kaizen are guest speakers John Chisholm and Robert Lawson, along with two students, Amour Muro and Alex Patnou, who were the co-winners of CEE’s essay contest in Business and Economic Ethics.

pathlines-gt2ferrariPrint copies of Kaizen are in the mail to CEE’s supporters and are available at Rockford University. Our next issue will feature an extended interview with Guillermo Yeatts on the theme of Entrepreneurship in Latin America.

More Kaizen interviews with leading entrepreneurs are at our Kaizen page.

CEE Review: hackerpsaces, entrepreneurial Hell, Business Ethics Journal Review, and more

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

News in entrepreneurship, ethics, and political economy.

News and Opinion

Professors Alexei Marcoux (whom we featured here) and Chris MacDonald launched the Business Ethics Journal Review in 2013, so check out the results of its lively first year.

Hackerspaces and the liberal arts: experimental open labs in Asia.

Stephanie St. Claire has been to entrepreneurial Hell and back: 11 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My Business.

A map of bribery around the world, overall and by industry sector. Map made by the James Mintz Group.

The state of entrepreneurship 2014: “Respondents report increased access to credit and greater use of personal savings” according to the annual Kauffman Foundation/LegalZoom survey. Also: angels deals are down.


Business ethics professor Nicholas Capaldi, whom we interviewed here, and the Global Corporate Governance Institute announce a conference in London, England in August.

On March 5 Stephen Hicks will be giving a lecture at California Lutheran University. The title of his talk is “Postmodernism and Its Discontents,” which draws upon the themes of his Explaining Postmodernism: Skepticism and Socialism from Rousseau to Foucault.

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CEE Review: Perseverance, entrepreneurial culture in India, and more

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship activities and recent business ethics and entrepreneurship news.

News and Opinion

“Never, ever give up”: Diana Nyad on swimming 100 miles from Cuba to Florida. Amazing.

In the New York Times, Sei Chong reports on how “American-Style Start-Ups Take Root in India.”

Entrepreneurial vegetable farmer: “In 2012, Kelowna farmer Curtis Stone grew more than 50,000 lbs. of food — without owning a single acre of land.”

Meanwhile, entrepreneur Warren Meyer is leaving Ventura Country, California, reports Megan McArdle in Bloomberg, because of its anti-entrepreneur culture.

Joel Wade on learning to fail successfully.


Shawn Klein’s Call for Abstracts for a volume on Steve Jobs and Philosophy, which will be part of Open Court Publishing Company’s Popular Culture and Philosophy Series.

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