Kaizen 29: The Zol Cendes interview

k29-coverThe latest issue of Kaizen [pdf] features our interview with Zol Cendes on the theme of Entrepreneurial Software. We met in Naples, Florida, to discuss Mr. Cendes’s experience founding Ansoft, a $900 million software company that revolutionized engineering modeling. Images from this issue show the uses of Ansoft’s software in improving the air and fluid dynamics for products such as Ferrari sports cars and the swim caps used by Michael Phelps in the Olympics.


Also featured in this issue of Kaizen are guest speakers John Chisholm and Robert Lawson, along with two students, Amour Muro and Alex Patnou, who were the co-winners of CEE’s essay contest in Business and Economic Ethics.

pathlines-gt2ferrariPrint copies of Kaizen are in the mail to CEE’s supporters and are available at Rockford University. Our next issue will feature an extended interview with Guillermo Yeatts on the theme of Entrepreneurship in Latin America.

More Kaizen interviews with leading entrepreneurs are our site here.

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