The Importance of Self-employment to Innovation

Ken Phillips, in an article for Independent Contractors Australia, analyzes the failure of Australian government programs to nurture more entrepreneurship and innovation. The problem, he says, is that society is structured in a way that discourages self-employment. This decreases the amount of innovation in society because the experience of self-employment engenders a psychology of innovation. The self-employed person must constantly come up with new, creative ways to please clients. Phillips contrast self-employment to standard employment, which fosters a psychology of obedience to superiors and thus a lack of creative thinking.

Read the article here.

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2 Responses to “The Importance of Self-employment to Innovation”

  1. How To Edit Videos Says:

    working for yourself is the best job in the world

  2. Jerry Willenbring Says:


    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article on innovation and self-employment and agree with you wholeheartedly. I applaud your efforts to change Australian government policies and am greatly concerned about the same in the USA.
    I look at the problem from the point of view of the typical individual, whom I see as suffering from narrow-minded thinking and psychological blocks that have deep historical roots.
    My approach is a spiritual one. I try to help individuals move beyond their limitations and fear by showing them how they can apply universal spiritual principles based on Buddhism to expand their consciousness and master their fear of risk.
    My hope and expectation is that significant numbers of people, motivated by their desire to be free and financially independent, will gradually change the culture they live in and serve as examples to many others.
    In principle people living in the democracies have much more political and economic freedom than they realize but are typically impeded by their own subconscious minds.

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