William Kline on market-based business ethics

Dr. Kline, Assistant Professor of Liberal Studies at the University of Illinois, Springfield, gave two talks this month at Rockford University. Here is Stephen Hicks’s interview with him on the main points of his talk on business ethics:

The talk was sponsored by the Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship.

Forthcoming: Our interview with Professor Kline on David Hume, who, according to a recent vote by contemporary philosophers, is the most influential dead philosopher.

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3 Responses to “William Kline on market-based business ethics”

  1. Stephen Hicks, Ph.D. » William Kline on market-based business ethics Says:

    […] The talk was sponsored by the Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship, and the above video is cross-posted at CEE’s site. […]

  2. Barry Linetsky Says:

    This is an excellent introduction to the topic of business ethics.

    Together the three segments of this interview provide an excellent presentation of what business is and isn’t, and elucidates some guiding philosophic concepts and principles for consideration and further study to guide business success.

    There’s a good integration of the theoretical with the practical, in a topic that is too often misunderstood and purposefully misrepresented.

    Thanks for making this resource available.

  3. CEE Interview with Dr. William Kline on the Philosophy of Business » Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship Says:

    […] watch Dr. Kline’s interviews on business ethics and David Hume from his last visit to Rockford College. Share and […]

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