Course on Free Speech & Censorship to be offered by Professor Hicks

Professor Stephen Hicks will be teaching a course on Free Speech and Censorship during the spring 2009 semester at Rockford College. This course explores what the greatest minds in history have argued about free speech and censorship in art, politics, religion, business, science, and sex. Who should decide what books are read? Should pornography be censored? What about politically rebellious pamphlets? Or the advertising of tobacco on television? Or hate language that attacks a person’s sex, race, or ethnic origin? See the Free Speech & Censorship course flyer (PDF). For information on course dates and times please visit Rockford College’s IQ.Web.

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3 Responses to “Course on Free Speech & Censorship to be offered by Professor Hicks”

  1. Phil from China Says:

    Coming from China – this looks very, very important!

    Peace Corps China

  2. Ben Says:

    A recent article that tackles current battles around this issue is Ulli Diemer’s “Free speech as long as it doesn’t offend anyone” at

  3. Stephen Hicks Says:

    Thanks for the recommendation, Ben.

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