Sports Ethics—new course from Professor Klein

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To be offered in the Fall 2008 semester. In this course students will consider a range of ethical, political, and economic issues about sports: Why are sports so universally popular? What physical and psychological values do they provide? Does the playing of sports develop good character? Why are many sports fans so fanatical? What is the proper place of sports in higher education? Is there anything wrong with ticket-“scalping”? How should mega-sports complexes be funded—politically or through the market? See the Sports Ethics flyer.

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3 Responses to “Sports Ethics—new course from Professor Klein”

  1. Ignaas Devisch Says:


    I am very much interested in your course since I am also teaching philosophy of medicine and ethics to students in physical therapy and sports; Can I get or buy a copy of this course?

    most sincerely
    Prof. Ignaas Devisch
    Ghent University

  2. Performance-Enhancing Technology and Sports Ethics » Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship Says:

    […] watch Professor Klein talk about his popular Sports Ethics course in the video below: Shawn E. Klein’s Sports Ethics – Rockford College – PHIL 276 […]

  3. Katie from FSU Says:

    Hello Dr. Klein:

    Could you tell me what text you use in this course?


    Florida State University

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