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Spring 2007 Speaker: Robert Bradley

Sunday, April 1st, 2007

bradleythumb.jpgRobert Bradley, Ph.D., visited the center and Rockford University on March 28, 2007 and gave a presentation to an audience of about 115 students, professors, and interested members of the greater Rockford community. Dr. Bradley was a longtime employee of Enron, the collapsed corporate giant. During the company’s last years he served as speech writer and regulatory advisor for Ken Lay, Enron’s CEO, who was convicted in May 2006 on multiple counts of fraud and conspiracy. Bradley is now president of the Institute for Energy Research (IER) in Houston, Texas, and is completing his sixth book, Political Capitalism: Insull, Enron, and Beyond. His previous books have been on energy history and policy. The theme of Dr. Bradley’s talk was how philosophy—not only business economics and political economy—is key to unraveling the Ken Lay Paradox to understand the rise and fall of Enron.